The Squareholesaw™ is a
Revolutionary New Tool
for the Contracting Industry!

Left side view of the square hole saw™
right side view of the squareholesaw™

Watch the video to see how quickly and easily the Square Hole Saw works!

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The squareholesaw™ is a revolutionary new tool for the contracting industry. By converting a circular input to a four way perpendicular linear output, the square hole saw is able to precisely cut out a rectangular or square hole in sheet rock.

Contractors typically cut these holes out by hand and it can take up to a minute to do each one. If a reciprocating saw or rotary tool is used a hand drawing or template is needed, and holes can be damaged or inaccurate, costing time and money to repair.

The squareholesaw™ solves these problems with four interchangeable blades that remain locked on linear slides and two counter rotating drill bits which keep the saw square and in the exact shape of a single or double gang box. With these features the rectangular or square hole will be cut quicker and more accurate, and the savings in time will allow the tool to pay for itself on the first job!

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